Few, industries are as large and diverse as the automotive industry, employing millions of enterprises ranging from engineering, supply, production, distribution and maintenance. Electrical requirements range from the high voltage power supplies that run metal forming equipment to the ubiquitous cord reels and portable handlamps found in any repair shop. Appleton Group is just as diverse, offering the right solutions for every need, from OEM production lines to scrap yard cranes.

SolaHD power supply and power quality products provide the clean, reliable power to keep machines, conveyors and assembly lines moving. Examples include SCP-X power supplies for use in extreme industrial environments, next-generation SDN-C™ compact DIN Rail power supplies for a wide variety of machine control applications. MCR power conditioners help protect heavy equipment from damage and malfunction, while CVS power conditioners provide even tighter voltage regulation to protect the most sensitive instruments and PLCs.

Powering welders, compressors, conveyors, other large amperage equipment and portable equipment, WSR and WSRD interlocked receptacles ensure safe operation by preventing arcing or accidental plug removal under load.

RL5000 Series heavy duty cord reels provide convenient, retractable power for OEM factories, maintenance facilities and service garages. Appleton offers a variety of Reelites® and extension lamps such as the 5000 Series.

Appleton Group offers a complete selection of conduit bodies, fittings, strain relief cord grips and other electrical products suited to the rugged needs of the automotive industry.