Alternate Energy Sources

Solar, wind and other renewable energy sources are as old as the planet itself. They have always been there, and they have been harnessed in various ways throughout human history. But today, thanks to state of the art technology, these inexhaustible energy sources are growing exponentially, promising to fundamentally change the way people live and work for centuries to come.

Appleton Group solutions are ubiquitous wherever electricity is generated and used, and renewable energy is a natural fit. Appleton’s FR™ Series luminaires are used to illuminate the service ladder inside wind turbine support towers. The compact footprint is perfect for confined spaces, and the rugged, nonmetallic, enclosed and gasketed design protects against entry of dirt, humidity and moisture in the extreme climates to which wind farms are often exposed.

Offering high reliability, long life and rugged construction, SolaHD power supplies in the SDN-P™ DIN Rail, SDN-C™ compact DIN Rail and SDN DeviceNet™ DIN Rail series are ideal for powering control equipment in photocell arrays and solar reflectors. With a wide operational temperature range and high tolerance to shock and vibration they’re an ideal choice for any application that demands reliable, high-quality power no matter what the ambient conditions.

Appleton Group supplies rugged, weatherproof and corrosion resistant conduit bodies and fittings, cable glands, controls, panels and virtually every other electrical and lighting product to suit the needs of the diverse and rapidly growing alternative energy industry.