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Answer: Well, that’s really two questions, so let’s split the answer into two parts. 1. Please see the attached chart 'Appleton and O-Z/Gedney Maximum Wire Fill Comparison' (link here). In the Form 35/Spec 5 column, slide down to the 1” LB row....
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Answer: We have factory-installed and field-installed options for hinges for ACSEW and AJBEW enclosures, as shown in the Appleton catalog page screen shot below and in the attached spreadsheet. Each size of the JBEW/CSEW enclosure uses...
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Answer: Our Appleton, ATX, and Nutsteel lighting products are tested and rated to work within a range of ambient temperatures. Installing our lighting fixtures beyond the tested ambient temperatures may cause component and/or fixture failure, a...
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​ Answer:   In the metric world, we refer to KO’s as “Clearance Holes”. Please see the chart (click here) that provides this information in Metric and Imperial dimensions from M16 to M100.   Please print a copy of this chart and include in ...
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​ Question: I have a question pertaining to the suggested electrical apparatus used to satisfy an NEC code issue concerning a Class 1, Div 2 boundary and “non-explosionproof ” seal-offs. See below; I wrote this to our in-house engineers and it ap...
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​ Answer:   Yes, the hazardous rating would be negatively affected. There are several reasons why this should not be done:   • Our MMIII 400 fixtures are designed and tested for High Pressure Sodium and Pulse Start Metal Halide light source...
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​ Answer:   Yes, Appleton APL and EFU series fluorescent luminaires can be installed on the surface in different orientations using an Appleton catalog number FHS1 fixture hanger bracket. Please see the assembly technique below of the FHS1 fixt...
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​ Answer:   Yes! There are fittings that are permitted to be installed between a Conduit Seal and an Enclosure. For reference please see NEC Article 501.15(A)(1) and 505.16(B)(2)(b),  which states:   “Only explosionproof unions, couplings, ...
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​​Answer: The percent-fill for wire fill calculations of sealing fitting is mentioned on the top of every catalog page; either 25% or 40%.     Using the Excel-based Percent-fill Calculator (link here), you can easily calculate the fill...
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Answer: Yes the OZ/Gedney Conduit Sealing Bushing can be installed inside the PVC electrical conduit with the use of a PVC nipple. Please see the image below for the recommended installation technique for Conduit Sealing Bushings installed in sc...