A+ Promise

The A+ Promise – Our Promise. Your Peace of Mind.  

As a global manufacturer of the highest quality electrical products, we are committed to providing the best possible service to distributors. This commitment includes keeping first rate products in stock and available, and always maintaining prompt delivery times - so that you can manage your inventory more effectively, knowing you can count on assured replenishment. 

That’s why we offer the A+ Promise to all of our U.S. distributors. It requires no additional steps to enroll. Under the A+ Promise, we offer:

 Appleton, O-Z/Gedney, and SolaHD brands
 Thousands of leading industrial, commercial, and hazardous environment products
 Normal order quantities ship within two business days (or)
 Normal order quantities ship on your next scheduled ship day

Get the best electrical products right when you need them. Speak with your Sales Representative today to learn how the Appleton Group A+ Promise can help you better serve your customers.

  Current listing of Appleton, O-Z/Gedney, and SolaHD brand catalog numbers.

  Frequently Asked Questions about the A+ Promise program.