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Welcome to the Learning Center!

This page contains training materials that you can download and view at your convenience. The training content is organized by product type and you’ll find both training videos and written tutorials to aid in your learning.

In addition to the online training content offered here, we also present monthly eLearning Webinars. If you would like to have your email address added to the invitation list for these webinars, please send an email to training.cta@mail.nidec.com and ask to be added to the list.

If you have any suggestions for topics that you’d like to see discussed in a webinar, or as a training tutorial or video, please send the suggestion to training.cta@mail.nidec.com.


eLearning Videos

​Title ​Link
​Unidrive M - General
​Customizing the Keypad Watch
​Remote Keypads Watch
​Real Time Clock Watch​
S - Ramp Configuration Watch
​Menu 6: The Drive Sequencer Watch​
​Configurating the Drive Relay Contact Watch
Unidrive M100
Resetting to US Defaults Using the Keypad ​Watch
​Quick Start Using the Keypad Watch
Unidrive M101: ​Quick Start Using The Keypad ​Watch
Unidrive M400
​Using MConnect Software Part 1 ​Watch
​Using MConnect Software Part 2 Watch
​Basic Startup Using the Keypad Watch
​Resetting the Drive to US Defaults Using the Keypad Watch
Unidrive M700
​Configuring the IP Address Watch
​Autotune for Servo Motors Watch
Standard Motion Controller Watch​​
​Connecting to a Unidrive M700 using Ethernet Watch
Drive Backup Using The Smart Card Watch​
Connect Software
​Updating Firmware Watch
​Installing the USB Serial Cable Driver ​Watch
​Working with Drive Parameters ​Watch

We also have many product and company videos posted on our Videos page and on our YouTube channel.


eLearning Webinars

Webinars average 1 hour in length. In order to view them, you must first download and install WebEx Player software.

​Title ​Link
​Unidrive M - General
​Upgrading Commander SK and Unidrive SP to Unidrive M Download
​Commander SK
Commander SK Basic Skills Download
​Using SERVOSoft ACT Motor Sizing Software Download
​PowerTools Pro Software Basics Download
​Machine Control Studio Basics: Part 1 Download
​Machine Control Studio Basics: Part 2 Download
​Unidrive M200-300-400
Using the Allen Bradley Add On Instruction Download
​Unidrive M600
​Using the Si-Universal Encoder Module Download
​Using LSRPM PMAC Motors Download​​
Unidrive M700
​Easy Mode Cyclic Links Download
​Motion Control: Using the Unidrive M700 AOI for AB PLCs Download
​Advanced Motion Controller Part 1: User Units ​Download
​Advanced Motion Controller Part 2: Homing Download
​Advanced Motion Controller Part 3: Positioning Download
​Advanced Motion Controller Part 4: Gearing and Camming Download
​Advanced Motion Controller Part 5: Using Machine Control Studio Software with the AMC Download
​Communications: EtherNet/IP (including Si-Ethernet) Download
​Using a CTVue with a Unidrive M700 for Motion Control Download
​Using MConnect v.2.07 with a Unidrive M700 Download
Application Modules
Using the Si-Profinet RT Module Download​
​CTVue Basics Download
Control Techniques