Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

This area will provide you with a short video on various recurring topics of interest. These topics are covered in our manuals however it sometimes takes several pages of reading and studying of diagrams to convey what can be shown in just a few minutes by watching someone perform the action. Most of the videos currently do not require sound ( except for Videos about Tuning ).

These videos are .wmv Movie file format that should be able to be played by most media players. Most videos are under 80MB in length so a high speed internet connection is recommended for quick downloading.

In addition to the Tabs below listing our available videos both Product Videos and Instructional Videos, we are also providing you with the PDF version which contains the listing for our Instructional Videos as some of you find this method easier to use: Instructional Video PDF Directory.

To see more of our videos visit our YouTube Channel:

Product Videos Instructional Videos

*To insure your user experience please right-click the link to the file you want to download - then select the option "Save Target As..." you will then be presented with the standard pop-up window and have the option to Save the file to your PC or phone.


Energy Savings using a Variable Frequency Drive
Video for playback on mobile phones*

Blackberry: Energy_Savings_Video_for_BlackBerry_8300-9000.avi*

Blackberry Pearl: Energy_Savings_Video_for_BlackBerry_Pearl_8100.avi*

Blackberry Storm/Torch: Energy_Savings_Video_for_BlackBerry_Storm_Torch.mp4*

iPad: Energy_Savings_Video_for_ipad.mp4*

iPhone4 and above: Energy_Savings_Video_for_iphone4_and_above.mp4*

Video for playback on a PC*

High Definition: Energy_Savings_Video_720P_High_Quality.mp4*

Standard: Energy_Savings_Video_for_PC_540p_1500kbs.wmv*


 Epsilon EP digital servo drive solutions
Video for playback on mobile phones*

BlackBerry: Epsilon_EP_for_Blackberry_8300-9000.avi*

Blackberry Pearl: Epsilon_EP_for_BlackberryPearl_8100.avi*

Blackberry Storm/Torch: EpsilonEP_for_BlackBerry_Storm_Torch.mp4*

iPad: EpsilonEP_for_ipad.mp4*

iPhone4 and above: EpsilonEP_For_iphone4_and_above.mp4*

Video for playback on a PC*

High Definition: EpsilonEP_HD_720P_High_Quality.mp4*

Standard: Epsilon_EP_for_PC_540p_1500kbs.wmv*


Commander SK variable frequency drive solutions
Video for playback on mobile phones*

BlackBerry: Commander_SK_for_Blackberry_8300-9000.avi*

Blackberry Pearl: Commander_SK_for_BlackberryPearl_8100.avi*

Blackberry Storm/Torch: CommanderSK_HD_for_BlackBerry_Storm_Torch.mp4*

iPad: CommanderSK_for_ipad.mp4*

iPhone4 and above: CommanderSK_for_iphone4_and_above.mp4*

Video for playback on a PC*

High Definition: CommanderSK_HD_720P_High_Quality.mp4*

Standard: CommanderSK_for_PC_540p_1500kbs.wmv*


Unidrive SP drive solutions
Video for playback on mobile phones*

BlackBerry: Unidrive_SP_for_Blackberry_8300-9000.mp4*

Blackberry Pearl: Unidrive_SP_for_BlackberryPearl_8100.mp4*

Blackberry Storm/Torch: Unidrive_SP_for_BlackBerry_Storm_Torch.mp4*

iPad: Unidrive_SP_for_ipad.mp4*

iPhone4 and above: Unidrive_SP_For_iphone4_and_above.mp4*

Video for playback on a PC*

High Definition: Unidrive_SP_HD_720P_High_Quality.mp4*

Standard: Unidrive_SP_for_PC_540p_1500kbs.wmv*


DC Drive Solutions
Video for playback on mobile phones*

Blackberry Bold: DC_Drive_Video_for_Blackberry_Bold.m4v*

Blackberry Curve: DC_Drive_Video_for_Blackberry_Curve.avi*

Blackberry Pearl: DC_Drive_Video_for_Blackberry_Pearl.avi*

Blackberry Storm/Torch: DC_Drive_Video_for_Blackberry_Storm_Torch_Tour.m4v*

iPad: DC_Drive_Video_for_ipad.mp4*

iPhone4 and above: DC_Drive_Video_for_iphone4_and_above.mp4*

Video for playback on a PC*

720P Resolution: DC_Drive_Video_for_PC_720P.wmv*

High Quality: DC_Drive_Video_High_Quality_720P.mp4*


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