DSSoft Soft Starter Management Software

DSSoft is a fully functional program for controlling, monitoring and programming soft starters. DSSoft provides the following functionality:

  • Operation of soft starter networks containing up to 31 individual soft starters.
  • Operational control (Start, Stop, Reset, Quick Stop)
  • Starter status monitoring (Ready, Starting, Running, Stopping, Tripped)
  • Upload parameter settings/Download parameter settings.
  • Save soft starter network groups to file.
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DSSoft can manage soft starters individually or as a network group.
DSSoft can manage multiple soft starter networks.
Some functions may not be available with some soft starter models.

Starter Data panel:

  • The Starter Data Panel provides information about the connected soft starter.
  • Depending on the starter type, model information may not be available.
  • The digital display shows real-time performance information, such as motor current (A) or motor temperature.
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