Digistart D3

Digistart D3 Series 

The Intelligent Motor Start Solution

5 hp – 2,000 hp

200-440 | 380-690 Volts

The Digistart D3 series utilizes the latest technology in soft starters, including new adaptive acceleration technology for the ultimate in control. The Digistart D3 is a complete motor starting and management system with an extensive range of features in a single user friendly package. Never before has motor control been so simple for jobs of all sizes and needs, such as pumps, band saws, conveyors and more.


  • Models from 23 A to 1600 A
  • 200-440 VAC and 380-690 VAC models
  • In-line Motor Connections
  • Control Voltage 110 V - 460 V
  • Adaptive Acceleration Control
  • Easy to install
  • User friendly controls
  • Complete feature set
  • Ultimate motor protection
  • “Power Through” emergency operation
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Advanced motor control

Digistart D3 provides industry leading motor control, featuring constant current, current ramp and adaptive control start methods. Adaptive control is an innovative control method that not only controls motor current but also acceleration. It allows the user to select between early, constant or late acceleration/deceleration depending upon the application requirements. Adaptive control then monitors motor performance by analyzing each start and adjusting accordingly to maintain optimum control.

Adaptive control can benefit many applications. A principle example is pumping where it can be used to eliminate water hammer by allowing the engineer to select the most appropriate deceleration profile for the system.

 Digistart Adaptive Acceleration

Compact and flexible installation

The compact Digistart D3 features an internal by-pass (on models up to 220 A), reducing space and costs through eliminating the need for external components. In addition, higher power units from 360 A allow the power connections to be configured on the top or bottom of the unit for both input and output, simplifying the cabling. Units can be mounted side-by-side to further reduce cabinet space.

Easy configuration and monitoring

The Digistart D3 keypad has Digistart IS Displaya multi-language graphical display, allowing you to easily set-up and monitor your soft starter. Start-up wizards guide the user through common application configurations and reduce commissioning time. The customizable display also provides real-time performance monitoring and time stamped event logs that can be used for maintenance and diagnostics, helping to improve plant availability.

Fire mode

Digistart D3 has an in-built fire mode. This is used in HVAC applications to help protect building occupants in the case of fire by pressurizing escape routes to maintain a smoke free environment. Activation of this feature disables the soft starter protection ensuring it continues to run for as long as possible.

Powerthrough operation

Digistart D3’s powerthrough operation ensures the soft starter will continue to operate using 2 phases if one of the power devices is damaged. This allows you to keep your plant running whilst a long term fix is found.

Increased output

The Digistart D3 allows the motor to be connected either in-line (three wire) or using an inside delta configuration (six wire). Inside delta configuration increases the power of the soft starter, meaning a smaller unit can be used. This is a compact, cost efficient solution when replacing wye/delta starters where existing wiring can be used.

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