Unimotor hd

Unimotor hd - Pulse duty servo motor

6.3 lb-in – 757.6 lb-in (2257 lb-in peak); 0.72 Nm – 85 Nm (255.0 Nm peak)
230 V | 460 V

Unimotor hd is a high dynamic brushless AC servo motor range with frames from 055 mm to 190 mm, designed for operation with Digitax ST, Unidrive SP and Epsilon EP drives.

This high peak torque, low inertia motor range is designed for high dynamic applications requiring hard accelerations and decelerations including:

  • Flying shear
  • Pick and place
  • Cut-to-length

Unimotor hd motors are perfectly matched to Digitax ST servo drives.

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Compact servo motor

  • Unimotor hd provides an exceptionally compact, low inertia solution for applications where very high torque is required during rapid acceleration and deceleration profiles.

High torque

  • The Unimotor hd torque profile is matched to Digitax ST servo drives, providing up to 300% peak overload for maximum dynamic performance.
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