Feedback Option Modules

Feedback Option Modules

Control Techniques feedback option modules supplement the standard interfaces on Control Techniques drives, enhancing their control and automation capabilities. The option modules enable connection to multiple measurement sources simultaneously, utilizing a wide range of position and speed measurement device types including:

  • A wide range of quadrature encoders 
  • High-resolution SinCos encoder including multi-turn variants
  • SSI absolute encoders
  • Frequency and direction signals

High-Speed Position Capture

Many of the feedback interfaces allow the position of the encoder to be captured at very high speed for registration purposes.

Inputs and Outputs

The feedback option modules provide not only encoder inputs, but also outputs frequently required for interfacing with external motion controllers.

SI-Encoder supports AB quadrature encoders without marker pulse
SI-Universal Encoder provides a simulated encoder output that can be programmed to operate in several modes
Resolver module is designed for robust feedback in demanding environments
Incremental encoder input option module
Incremental encoder input and output option modules enable connection with external motion controllers
SM-Universal Encoder Plus Option Module provides additional combined encoder input and output interface supporting Incremental, SinCos, HIPERFACE, EnDAT and SSI encoders
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