Unidrive M800

Unidrive M800 AC drive - Ultimate performance through advanced onboard motion control

1.0hp – 4200hp (0.75kW – 2.8MW)

230V / 460V / 575V / 690V

  • M800 adds a powerful second micro processor onboard for high performance CODESYS based machine control

M800 delivers our most powerful advanced onboard motion control, realtime drive-to-drive synchronization, high speed digital I/O and integrated safety features, greatly reducing the need for expensive external components. Comprehensive application programs are intuitively written using the industry standard CODESYS environment to build highly flexible and productive machines quickly.

Availability Note: Please see the frame size/dimension table under the Specifications tab below for availability of specific frame sizes. Frame sizes marked with an asterisk indicate future availability.

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Ultimate machine productivity through powerful networked, onboard automation and motion control

  • Onboard MCi co-processor based machine controller, capable of controlling the overall machine
  • MCi machine controller configured using industry standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages within the CODESYS programming environment
  • Additional MCi click-in modules can be added for multi-processing, giving even greater machine control capability
  • Achieve performance without effort through access to a comprehensive library of drive and machine control function blocks and applications

Ethernet communications with IEEE 1588 V2 network synchronization

  • IEEE 1588 V2 hardware implementation for maximum synchronization accuracy
  • Integrated dual port switch for easy connectivity
  • Integration with external I/O and control of non-intelligent drives

Maximize machine productivity through shaft performance with any motor technology

  • High bandwidth motor control algorithm, including servo control with up to 3,300 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth
  • Flexible three channel encoder port, for feedback encoder, reference encoder and a simulated encoder output. Encoder inputs are able to accept a wide range of feedback devices, from robust resolvers to high resolution SinCos encoders

Maximize throughput while protecting people and machinery, meeting modern machine safety requirements

  • Dual STO for integration with safety systems and elimination of external components
  • Advanced safety* to meet the IEC 61800-5-2 functional safety standard, covering numerous functions including STO, Safe Stop 1 and 2, Safe Limited Speed, Safe Limited Position etc

*Future release

Typical applications

  • Speed and position control with onboard application software for gearing and ratio control, winding (coilers), web handling, metal cutting, flying shear, rotary knife, test stands, printing, packaging machines, textiles, woodworking, tire manufacturing

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