RIS.GA. - Energy saving for RTG Cranes

RIS.GA. is a compact, low-cost fuel saving system that can be easily installed on new or existing RTG and MHC diesel electric cranes. It reduces the speed of the diesel generator during the crane’s stand-by mode and typically reduces total fuel consumption by 20%.


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Features Fuel Efficiency

Reduce ownership costs, extend life

RIS.GA. reduces the Total Cost of Ownership for new and old RTG and MHC cranes

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Increases crane productivity by reducing the number of refueling stops
  • Reduces wear and stress, extending the life of the diesel engine, generator and electrical auxiliaries
  • RIS.GA. is a static electronic system requiring no maintenance
  • Eliminates diesel engine running at high speed in stand-by mode
  • Reduces emissions

Fast return on investment (ROI)

With RIS.GA. field tests show that terminal operators can save up to 50% of fuel consumption during the crane’s stand-by mode and more than 20% fuel consumption overall. This produces a fast ROI, typically one to two years (depending on the country oil cost) and long term savings.

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