Powerdrive FX

​Powerdrive FX

Drive with dynamic braking

30 to 125 hp

The POWERDRIVE FX variable speed drive, integrating the new C-Light 4 Quadrant technology, offers an exceptionally compact regenerative solution. 

Thanks to latest generation high-performance control, POWERDRIVE FX is ideally suited to sensorless control of magnet motors.

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Dynamic braking:

  •  'naturally' regenerative input bridge 'naturally' regenerative input bridge
Permanent magnet synchronous motors in virtual sensor mode:
  • Elimination of restrictions relating to the sensor wiring, 75% of Tn on starting, precise speed control from 1/20th of the rated speed
Integrated safety functions:
  • Safe Torque Off inputs, diagnostics menu, emergency run mode.
  • Savings on the purchase price: integrated line reactance and RFI filter, elimination of braking resistor and its thermal relay, etc.​
Control Techniques

POWERDRIVE_FX variable speed drives

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