Rotary Knife

The Rotary Knife is a common industrial application, used to cut a web of material in to smaller lengths, without stopping the line. In this way, the main web production process is not interrupted by start stop indexing motion, allowing machine productivity to be maximized.

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Rotary knife mechanisms typically consist of a cylinder with a knife blade (or blades) fastened along the longitudinal axis. As the cylinder rotates, it cuts the material passing under it. If the peripheral speed of the knife point matches the speed of the web material, the length of material cut will be equal to the circumference translated by the point of the knife. If the peripheral speed of the rotary knife is faster than the web speed, shorter cut lengths will be produced. If the peripheral speed of the knife is slower than the web speed, longer cut lengths will result.

There are many other applications where a rotary axis must be synchronized to material flow, most of which may be accommodated using the Rotary Knife application solution software. The software may be configured in either metric or imperial units. This means that the configuration of the system is made very easy by an operator interface, or by entering configuration parameters directly in to the drive. 

The user must provide system details including Knife Diameter, Line Encoder diameter and Knife Cutting Angle, after which the cut length may be set. The software will then calculate the CAM profile required for the given cut length, and a maximum line speed for the given CAM profile based on the application motor data e.g. motor maximum torque and speed.

Typical applications for the software include various types of web based cut to length systems like rotary paper / steel sheeters, or similar systems like rotary perforators.

For use with Unidrive M700 or M701 with the Rotary Knife Solution packaged on an SI-Apps-Plus module.Using the “Downloads” tab above, find the Rotary Knife Library, and copy the library file into the user’s SyPT library directory.

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