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Control Techniques industry solutions provide comprehensive answers to specific industry needs.
Fully developed, proven and documented rotary knife solution offering flexibility, performance, precision and increased productivity.
Fully developed, proven and documented flying shear solution offering flexibility, performance and precision
High-performance winder for Control Techniques AC, DC and Servo drives
The cost effective Unidrive M400 pump solutions provide energy efficient, variable speed, constant pressure pump control in single-phase (up to 50 hp) or 3-phase (up to 200 hp) applications.
Duty Assist can be used to control multiple pumps or fans in parallel, to maintain the required process demand. This solution uses the Unidrive M with system control provided by either an SI-Apps-Plus module (legacy solution) or a MCi210 module.
Energy efficient intelligent pump control system for automatic pump blockage detection and prevention in dirty water pumping systems using the Unidrive M.
Diesel generator control system for RTG and other mobile cranes. Typically reduces standby fuel consumption by 50% and overall consumption by 20%.

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