Material Handling

 Material Handling

Material Handling

Material handling is concerned with the transport and storage of materials. Control Techniques drives provide the power and control to move materials efficiently and safely.

Typical applications include:

  • Conveyors
  • Aggregate conveyors
  • Smart belts
  • Automatic palletizers
  • Automated warehouse systems


Automated storage and retrieval warehouse systems are an essential component in modern logistics. Supermarkets, manufacturers, import and export companies and general logistics companies require vast storage capability to service their customers. Our drives are used extensively in warehouse crane systems across the world.

Find information on Control Techniques products for port and factory cranes here.

Control Techniques products for the material handling industry

Control Techniques offers a wide variety of enclosure, power and control option configurations for Unidrive SP and Commander SK AC drives
Diesel generator control system for RTG and other mobile cranes. Typically reduces standby fuel consumption by 50% and overall consumption by 20%.
High-performance winder for Control Techniques AC, DC and Servo drives
Epsilon EP is a compact and easy-to-use servo drive, scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller.
Mentor MP is a modern DC drive that is based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology
A high dynamic brushless AC servo motor range 6.3 lb-in – 757.6 lb-in (2257 lb-in peak); 0.72 Nm – 85 Nm (255.0 Nm peak)
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