Active Front End - Advanced Harmonic Reduction

Active Front End (AFE)- Advanced Harmonic Reduction Technology

Designed to meet the HVAC industry’s demand for clean power, Emerson offers the latest in both microprocessor and power semiconductor technology providing the industry with economical, compact and highly flexible active front end drive packages.

The packages incorporate a Emerson’s Affinity dedicated HVAC drive, an Emerson Unidrive SP active front end controller, and EMC filtering providing extremely low harmonic distortion.

Emerson Active Front End package key benefits:

Low Harmonic Distortion

  • IEEE519-1992 harmonic compliance at the drive input terminals
  • Will not interfere with sensitive equipment
  • Not sensitive to line imbalances
  • Superior to 12- and 18-pulse solutions
  • Maintains Unity Power Factor

Easy Installation

  • Available up to 200HP at 460V
  • Single package design – no need for external filters or transformers
  • UL508A approved
  • 100kA SCCR ratings

Flexible Solutions

  • Integrated network connectivity – BACnet, Metasys N2 and Modbus
  • Wide range of I/O and communications option modules including LonWorks
  • Electronic bypass 3 contactor and soft start option

 Active Front End Features

  • Integral Active Front End Controller and EMC filter
  • 100kA fault rating
  • NEMA 1 enclosure is standard, other enclosure ratings available
  • Optional easy-to-use electronic bypass control (touchpad)

 18 Pulse Solutions

The Affinity BA18 is the answer to harmonics. Designed to meet the industry's demands for clean power, the BA18 offers the latest in both microprocessor and IGBT technology, delivering to the HVAC industry the best combination of size, cost and performance.

The BA18 includes the Affinity AC Drive with an integrally-mounted 18 pulse transformer, providing exceptional efficiency with very low harmonic distortion. Pre-packaged in a single UL1 (PPBF) or NEMA 3R enclosure, the BA18 delivers low installation cost with minimum space requirements in power sizes up to 200hp.

The BA18 is an 18 pulse VFD package. It is UL508 approved and meets or exceeds IEEE-519 harmonic specifications at the drive terminals. In addition, Soft Start Bypass, Electronic Bypass and Dual Motor overload are available as pre-engineered solutions. The standard door-mounted operator includes an LCD keypad, which incorporates "Hand/Off/Auto" operation.

The BA18 features a comprehensive set of monitoring, maintenance and protective functions, assuring safe, efficient and reliable operation in the most demanding environments. The static, dynamic and on-line tuning available on the BA18 delivers accurate motor and drive performance while ensuring motor operation at its peak efficiency.

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Key Features:
  • Integrally-mounted 18 pulse auto-transformer
  • Compliance with IEEE-519
  • Keypad
  • LCD display
  • Hand/Off/Auto function
  • Smart card
  • Copy / paste
  • 40°C ambient rating
  • Two built-in PID loops

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