Energy efficient Drives and drive solutions for Commercial HVAC

HVAC is responsible for more than 30% of all electricity consumed in industrial and commercial sectors, with the motors that drive compressors, pumps and fans accounting for more than 98% of that energy. Variable Speed Drives when applied to these motors can provide energy savings of up to 60% while also enhancing system operation and comfort.

As a global company, we are well placed to help building owners, consultants, contractors and OEMs to maximize equipment efficiency and to keep pace with legislation and technology.
From the simplest applications to the most complex, Control Techniques has products to suit. Using our flexible product range and our application expertise we can help you reach your design goals.
Contractors and Consultants
We understand what contractor’s value, knowledge and support, a key reason for our success in this market. As with our Affinity solutions, our HVAC Drive H300 product range has been developed from in-depth research with consultants, contractors and building owners to ensure your variable speed projects run smoothly.


Products for the HVAC industry

Robust, compact drive designed to meet the needs of consultants, design engineers, contractors and owners of commercial buildings
Flexible machine integration through communications
Compact, easy to use, definite purpose HVAC drive for a wide range of applications
H300 drive, Unidrive M active front end controller. EMC filtering provides extremely low harmonic distortion that is IEEE519-1992 compliant.
Highly reliable fan and pump controller packages feature three-contactor electronic bypass control, graphical status display, dedicated alarm display, Hand/Off/Automatic controls and more.
Cost effective solution for outdoor HVACR applications including cooling towers, rooftop air handling units, air-cooled chillers, condenser fans, pumps and compressors.
Affinity is an AC drive, specifically designed for HVAC fan and pump applications and refrigeration systems

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