Forestry and Woodworking

 Forestry and Woodworking

Forestry and Woodworking

Lumber and timber

Control Techniques has a control system to operate nearly every possible lumber application. With our soft starters and variable frequency drives, we can utilize our high torque capability coupled with the ability to start and stop quickly to maximize operation time by minimizing the wait for transition periods. Even when maintenance is required on the equipment, we can stop that bandmill or chipper in a fraction of the time, allowing blade and tooth change-out in less of time. We can follow the log from debarking all the way through the kiln.

Control Techniques products for the forestry and woodworking industry

Fast set-up and diagnosis with real-text display, plus integrated CODESYS based PLC
Flexible machine integration through communications
Enhance throughput with Machine Safety
Value drive with quality and performance for open loop applications
Control Techniques offers a wide variety of enclosure, power and control option configurations for Unidrive SP and Commander SK AC drives
Advanced motion control programming for Unidrive SP (with the SM-EZMotion module) and Digitax ST-Z drives and Epsilon EP, FM-3E and FM-4E modules.
Epsilon EP is a compact, easy-to-use servo drive, scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller.
A high dynamic brushless AC servo motor range 6.3 to 757.6 lb-in (2257lb-in peak); 0.72 to 85Nm (255.0Nm peak)
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