Branson quick-solves a sticky problem and lays ground work for dramatic Yumbutter growth.

Out of a passion for natural foods and a lifelong love of peanut butter, Adrian Reif and Matt D’Amour founded Yumbutter in 2010.

Yumbutter is made from a variety of all-natural nut products, as well as various other organic ingredients to boost the nutritional value. In addition to their desire to build a successful natural foods business, the founders initiated a social mission known as BUY ONE: FEED A CHILD IN NEED. Every time someone buys a Yumbutter product, the program helps feed a child in need through a partner non-pro t medical clinic in Guatemala, where malnutrition rates exceed 70%.

Yumbutter has inspired and fueled many adventures. In fact, co-owner Adrian, uncovered the Spicy Thai Peanut Butter combination while trekking towards Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. During the early years, Matt and Adrian continued to roam the city and country with jars of Yumbutter in their packs. Through their travels, the founders realized their product might serve customers and their social mission better if it could be packaged in lightweight, portable pouches as well as jars.

Not long after, the portable YumbutterGO was born in a unique, plastic squeeze pouch.

Like Yumbutter, YumbutterGO is a “superfood” designed for active, on-the-go people. It could be carried anywhere – sporting events, camping, biking, school lunches. Weld integrity was critical not only in production and at retail, but also during use, as the “on-the-go” pouch needed to be able to withstand rough handling.

Yumbutter initially used a thermal welder to seal the YumbutterGO pouches. But the product leaked through the seal, and residual oil trapped in the sealed area caused an unacceptable level of seal failures. Yumbutter needed a solution and needed it fast.

Yumbutter’s founders turned to Branson because of its reputation for plastics-joining expertise and ability to solve diffi​cult plastics-welding problems.

Branson worked closely with Yumbutter to understand their seal-ing requirements and production volumes. Branson demonstrated the unique advantages of ultrasonic welding versus other methods – especially the fact that ultrasonics can seal through food and contaminants by displacing all the product and forming a quick, strong bond.

Taking into consideration this early, foundation phase of production for YumbutterGO, the team recommended a Branson benchtop ultrasonic integrated welder as the best solution to meet the production requirements.

The company initially purchased a single Branson ultrasonic welder. The welder is a self-contained ultrasonic plastics assembly system that provides a complete welding operation in a compact bench unit that conserves work space, is easy to set up, simple to operate and service – yet provides exceptional weld integrity.

It was clear the unit could consistently produce the weld integrity needed. The company purchased a second unit to meet the growing demand for its product.

YumbutterGO is ‘on the grow’ big time! It has recently experienced a 900% increase in store locations carrying the product. The company projects it will soon double its production volume. At that time, Branson will be taking Yumbutter to the next level of production with a fully auto- mated, customized solution to meet their explosive growth. The future could not be brighter for this exceptionally high-quality food product and the important social mission it supports.

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