Application Assistance Program

Get help with welded joint design, ultrasonic weld testing, metal weld process design, ultrasonic cleaning frequency optimization and more – at no extra charge.

Branson offers superior solutions for plastic joining, metal welding and ultrasonic cleaning. But many customers say what really sets Branson apart is our application expertise. We want to make sure you choose the right solution for your product, optimized for your manufacturing environment.

That’s why we created the Branson Application Assistance program. It’s a value-added service that helps ensure you get your application right the first time. At no extra charge, Branson experts in our Application Assistance Lab will work with you to:

  • Optimize welded joint design
  • Perform ultrasonic weld testing
  • Maximize metal welding performance
  • Choose the most effective cleaning technologies
  • Test and fine-tune prototypes
  • Help integrate your Branson solution successfully into your production environment

From needs assessment to full production, our ultimate goal is the same as yours – to make your cleaning, welding and joining processes as easy and seamless as possible.

Because we provide such a wide range of technologies, only Branson can offer the impartial assistance you need to be sure you’re getting the best solution for your unique requirements. We’ll produce a complete technical report in just a few days – then continue to work with you on testing and tweaking your solution until you’re in production.

There’s no extra charge for this service, from the moment you begin evaluating Branson to your successful implementation. We even offer welding technology seminars to help you understand the applications and benefits of the various technologies we offer.

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Application Assistance Means Product Success

Save money and bring your product to market faster, with confidence the technology you choose is best for your product, your process and your business. Learn how one company used our Application Assistance program to engineer a welded joint design that created an entirely new product category: Pocket Shots.