History of Branson

Norman G. Branson founded Branson Instruments in 1946 in Danbury, CT, to harness ultrasonic energy for industrial purposes. The first product was the Audigage – a nondestructive material thickness tester. The company expanded in 1953 by forming Branson Cleaning Equipment Co. to develop ultrasonic cleaning equipment for emerging industrial technologies.

In 1960 Branson acquired Sonic Energy Corporation, which designed and manufactured the Sonifier® cell disruptor for biological research. Growth continued with the founding in 1963 of Branson Sonic Power Co. to expand the uses of high intensity ultrasonic equipment.

Since 1984 Branson has been a business of St. Louis-based Emerson, a Fortune 150 company.

Equipment Co. merged in 1986 and the next year combined resources in Danbury, to form Branson Ultrasonics Corporation.

In 1988, Delta Sonics (Paramount, CA) and Ultrasons Annemasse (France) were acquired to enhance systems building capabilities for precision cleaning. In 1992, Branson acquired Vinton, Inc. in Rochester, NY, a manufacturer of linear and orbital vibration welders. This facility now produces nonultrasonic plastics joining products including linear and orbital vibration welders, hot plate welders, spin welders, and laser welders. The cleaning portion of Westinghouse was acquired in 1993, bringing Magnapak technology to the precision cleaning product mix.

In 1998 Branson acquired AmTech (American Technology) of Connecticut, manufacturers and marketers of ultrasonic equipment for metal welding and tube sealing.

Product Highlights

Materials Joining: ultrasonic welders, linear and orbital vibration welders, hot plate welders, spin welders, metal welding systems, laser IRAM, thermal welders, and automated welding systems.

Precision Cleaning: Aqueous, semi-aqueous, and solvent cleaning systems, robotic handling systems, Bransonic® benchtop cleaners, and Sonifier® processors.

Our Mission

Branson Ultrasonics is the world leader in materials joining and precision cleaning. The employees of Branson are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in:

  • Technology & New Product Development
  • Customer & Supplier Alliances
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Quality
  • Services & Support

Our people are the source of our strength. Education, involvement, and teamwork are essential for us to achieve superior products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements worldwide. The quality and integrity of our products and services define Branson’s reputation. Total customer satisfaction will result in increased global market participation, excellent business performance, and enhanced employee satisfaction.