Pipette Cleaner - PC-620

A bench-top cleaner with dimensions specifically suited to cleaning long, narrow components such as pipettes, lab glassware and other items requiring general cleaning.

General Benchtop Cleaning Brochure

PC-620 Data Sheet


Typical Applications:

Lab: glassware including test tubes, burettes and pipettes, lab sensors and instrumentation, lab fixtures and tools.

Medical and biological labs: Cell separation, cell disruption, cleaning of cannulae and syringes, surgical instruments, blood oxygenators, dental instruments and burs.

Industry switches, relays and other electromechanical components; precision bearings, small stampings and machined parts, optics and related components.

Electronics, Printed circuit boards, surface mount assemblies, flex-circuits, integrated circuits, quartz crystals, packaging components, electronic hardware.

Jewelry: watches, clock movements, gemstones, findings, chains charms, coins and other collectibles, repair work.


Overall Size 20.2" x 6.2" x 10.5"
Tank Size 19.5" x 5.7" x 6"
Weight 23 lbs
Frequency 40 kHz

Order Information:

  Heated Unheated
PC-620 40kHz (120V) 000-951-330 000-951-030
PC-620 40kHz (230V) 000-951-430 000-951-130


Cover: A62-1 000-410-105
Basket: A62-2 CPN--916-033

Note: cover and basket sold separately.

Note: connot place parts on bottom, must suspend.

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