Vibration Welders

Branson, the pioneer in vibration welding with over 35 year of real-life production experience, continually introduces enhanced version of its popular welding system.

Vibration welding is a proven friction welding technique capable of producing strong, pressure tight joints in the thermoplastic parts.

The major advantage of vibration lies in its application to large (up to 60"/1524 mm long or 24"/610 mm wide) irregularly-shaped parts. Even cross ribs which create separate compartments can be sealed. The process also works with multi-plane and curved surfaces. The technique offers the capability of welding more than one part at a time; it also readily lends itself to automation.

Linear vibration welding uses transverse, reciprocating motion; the vibration occurs in only one axis. The vibration motion occurs equally in both the x and y axes and all axes in between.
Orbital vibration welding uses constant velocity motion, a non-rotating offset circular motion in all directions.
The GVX Series welders offer a variety of performance benefits, including improved flexibility and control through closed-loop feedback with differentiated control levels, as well as reduced cycle times.
Branson offers exceptional long-term production versatility in their new GVX H/HR Series of vibration welders. The design of the GVX H/HR Series complements a powerful set of standard features with a host of available application-specific upgrades.
GVX Vibration welders for advanced industrial assembly applications that delivers greater precision, consistency and speed. These welders provide numerous performance benefits, an improved operator experience and are globally supported by Branson.

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