2000Xc Ultrasonic Welder

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The 2000Xc locks in the welding process with fully electronic welder settings, hierarchical password protection, and Ethernet connectivity access.

The system offers secure process controls and detailed weld data to meet the global compliance, traceability, and security needs of today’s medical, automotive, business, and consumer electronics markets. The security and process controls features help to ensure compliance with manufacturing regulations including ISO 13485 and medical FDA 21 CFR part11.

The Branson 2000Xc can be adapted to automation systems or as a stand-alone complete system.


  • Weld by time, energy, peak power, ground detect, collapse, or absolute
  • Electronic programmable weld pressure, hold pressure, and down speed
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 capability
  • Batch control and processing
  • USB barcode for recording part Unique Device Identification or recalling presets
  • 100,000 weld result histories stored
  • Full VGA touch screen
  • Four levels of assignable password hierarchy
  • Three frequencies: 20, 30, and 40kHz
  • Digital amplitude setting and amplitude stepping
  • Weld pressure stepping
  • Web Services Ethernet
  • 1000 weld recipe presets
  • Multiple language choices
  • Rapid Traverse actuator speeds
  • Actuator dual down speed
  • Copy weld history and other files to a PDF format