DCX Power Supplies

Branson’s Advanced power supplies are a revolutionary advance in ultrasonic power technology and process control.
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The DCX family of power supplies is Branson’s latest offering in ultrasonic power supply technology and continuous process control. The patented circuitry with closed loop amplitude control provides significant new benefits in performance, consistency, and higher productivity; important for applications requiring a high level of process control and weld quality.

Multiple models in three frequencies are available: 20kHz at 1,250, 2,500, and 4,000 Watt; 30kHz at 750 and 1,500Watts; and 40kHz at 400 and 800 Watts. Two form factors are available; a horizontal mount which can be located on a bench top or shelf and a vertical mount which can be mounted inside an electrical enclosure. The DCX can be combined with an actuator or a converter-booster-horn stack to form an ultrasonic system for continuous or plunge cycle welding in an automated production environment. Four control levels are available for the DCX.

The DCX V is the base level DCX and is intended for automation systems where a front panel setup and diagnostics are not required. The DCX V includes a web page and an Ethernet RJ45 port for custom configuration.

The DCX S includes a webpage configuration plus a front panel digital interface for amplitude settings and other ultrasonic functions. The front panel interface also provides diagnostics information and a real-time power level display.

The DCX A offer all the features of the DCX S plus an enhanced webpage for setting weld modes and parameter, weld quality limits, password protection, and multiple preset settings. The DCX A also permits access to all weld results for evaluation and documentation.

The DCX F includes the features of the DCX A plus an EtherNet/IP fieldbus port for control by a PLC over an EtheNet/IP network; providing real time distributed control.

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