2000X Series

Branson’s 2000X Series ultrasonic assembly systems are available in multiple control modes: time, energy, peak power, collapse and absolute distance. The 2000X assembly systems can be mounted into electrical enclosures and automation systems.​

Branson 2000X systems are available in 15, 20, 30, and 40 kHz frequencies. The systems include touch screen interface and advanced communications features.
The 2000X Micro is Branson’s new compact ultrasonic actuator designed for use in semi-automated and fully automated environments.
Branson offers a multitude of accessories for our ultrasonic welding systems; including software for statistical process control and process validation.
Customzied and standard ultrasonic tooling for 2000X and 2000 Series Ultrasonic Welding Systems.



2000X Ultrasonic Welder