2000 Series

Branson's 2000 series ultrasonic assembly systems set a new standard for sers operatng in the distance, time, energy, energy compensation, or peak power welding modes. The ability to choose from multiple welding mode is valuable for applications requiring a high level of process control and weld quality. Systems include: The integrated welder 2000IW, Power Supplies and Low-Power Hand-Held Welders.

The integrated welder 2000IW+ is a self-contained ultrasonic plastics assembly system that combines a power supply module, process controls, and welding stand in a compact bench unit.
Branson offers a multitude of accessories for our ultrasonic welding systems; including software for statistical process control and process validation.
Our Acoustic Tooling Group can assist you with New, Replacement, Backup, or Reworked tooling... and we can now make your tooling faster than ever before!

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