Model 401

Model 401 is the benchtop model for four zones designed for heat staking, thermal insertion, swaging, degating and date stamping.

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Standard Features

  • Automation Direct 205 PLC
  • Automation Direct 6" operator interface touch screen
  • Operator interface temperature control, on/off zone selection
  • Temperature control monitoring and alarm
  • On/off ramp and soak, post cooling and shuttle control.
  • Contactless opti-touch with two hands
  • Anti-tie-down
  • 5" bore, 4" stroke (1 ton) press cylinder with 4 precision twin die set ball bushings, 4 hardened steel shafts, including fine adjustment features for platen height
  • 23-½" maximum working height without upper and lower tooling
  •  Macro and micro adjustment for platen height
  • Resettable shift/parts counter and life cycle counter.
  • Dual speed downward traverse, rapid traverse down flow control, slow traverse down flow control and traverse up flow control.
  • Pressure regulator, gauge and filter, air dump valve with lock out/tag-out
  • Full positional feedback for software control of beginning and end of stroke, plus slow speed position