Infrared Welders (CIT)

Branson’s Infrared welding product line, the 60 40Si and 170 80Si, are an excellent solution for reliable production of welded plastic parts and achieving accurate, particle-free joints with a high mechanical load capacity. Especially suitable are moldings made of polyolefin’s (PP, PE), technical polymers or synthetic materials with an amorphous and semi-crystalline structure as well as high-temperature thermoplastics.

During the infrared welding, both part halves are held rigidly in position near an infrared emitting platen to melt the joining surfaces. The platen is removed and the part halves driven together and allowed to re-solidify under pressure

Applications where Infrared has been used successfully include automotive sensors and control modules, filter assemblies, electronic enclosures, irrigation systems and medical products.

The IR-170/80 S is dedicated to welding larger components, such as dashboards. It enables the production of neat and clean joints with low-viscous polymers
The IR-60/40 S is a compact welding machine especially designed for infrared welding of medium-sized plastic parts. It enables the production of neat and clean joints with low-viscous polymers.
Customized and standard part fixturing/tooling for vibration, hot plate, spin, infrared, and laser welding. Applications development and prototyping suited to specific program needs.