Hot Plate Welders

Hot plate welding is beneficial to manufacturers seeking to join thermoplastic parts where both high-strength and hermetic seals are required, or where parts have complex geometries, such as irregular shape, or curved or internal walls. Several models of hot plate welders are available to accommodate parts up to 72" x 24" in size. Models are available with horizontal or vertical plates. This process is often employed to assemble batteries, fluid reservoirs, lighters, or other challenging plastics joining applications where cost-effective methods and strong seals are crucial.

Branson's HV-Series hot plate welder is designed to weld parts up to 15" by 12" (375 by 300 mm), or multiple smaller parts.
Branson's HH-Series horizontal hot plate welders are complete assembly systems designed to weld parts up to 24" by 72" (610 by 1829 mm), or multiple smaller parts.
Customzied and standard part fixturing/tooling for vibration, hot plate, spin, infrared, and laser welding. Applications development and prototyping suited to specific program needs.

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Hot plate welding