Plastic Joining

Branson is everywhere you need us to be for plastics joining. With technical facilities and sales/support offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, our global perspective and local presence set us apart from the competition. We offer more plastics joining technologies than anyone and can provi de the process best suited for each application. Our unsurpassed industry experience helps you get to market quickly, with quality products manufactured with the highest efficiencies.

Manufacture in a single location? Design in Europe or the Americas with production in Asia? Branson works closely with you through every stage of a project, including consultation, design, material feasibility, prototype development, product testing and final production.

We team with integrators and manufacturers, developing OEM equipment that can be installed seamlessly and integrated into automated systems. Our support services include employee training, engineering assistance, creating new/modified parts, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and repair.

Branson can successfully meet your plastics joining challenge with our application experience, technical expertise and responsive service.

Joining technologies for plastics - The perfect solution for every application!

In ultrasonic welding, high-frequency vibrations are applied to two parts or layers of material by a vibrating tool, commonly called a “horn or sonotrode.”
Vibration Welding Systems including the M6 Linear with Clean Vibration Technology, the Mini II, the Hy-Line Series 2, Large-part and Orbital Vibration Welders.
Our M624HRi welder combines infrared and vibration processes, offering more options and applications for smart molding joint design.
Branson’s Laser welding product line, includes the Radiance Series Laser Welders and custom welding systems.
Hot plate welding is beneficial to manufacturers seeking to join thermoplastic parts where both high-strength and hermetic seals are required, or where parts have complex geometries, such as irregular shape, or curved or internal walls
Branson Thermal Processing Systems are designed for heat staking, thermal insertion, swaging, degating and date stamping.
Spin welding is a process that joins circular thermoplastic parts by bringing the part interfaces together, under pressure, with a circular, spinning motion.
Branson offers Clean Joining Technologies which offer clear-cut advantages over other methods for welding plastics.
Rotary systems provide simple automation for increased production and efficiency.
Branson’s Infrared welding product line, the 60 40Si and 170 80Si, are an excellent solution for reliable production of welded plastic parts and achieving accurate, particle-free joints with a high mechanical load capacity.
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