Metal Sealers

Branson sealing systems are designed to be mounted as a station on virtually all types of filling machines, whether in-line or rotary. They require no warm-up time, since no heat is actually applied to the tube being sealed. Every tube goes through the prescribed weld cycle, so that stops and starts during the process will not produce over heated or under heated tubes; this significantly reduces scrap.

Since no other heaters or hot air streams are applied, the ultrasonic system is ideally suited for safely sealing tubes filled with low flash point materials such as products with a high alcohol content.

The intense scrubbing action of the ultrasonic process disperses product to overflow such as stringers or splashes, which may occur during filling. No other process has been so successful in eliminating this problem.

Ultrasonic Metal Welding - ST-30 and ST-40 tube sealers (cosmetic, medical, packaging, plastic tubes)
Ultraseal ultrasonic systems hermetically seal copper and aluminum tubes. A one-step operation crimps, seals and cuts off charged tubes in under one second. Systems are suited to automation for high levels of efficiency and productivity.

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