Digital Cell Disruptor

Branson Sonifier digital products take advantage of benefits of digital technology. This is particularly useful where precise process control and parameter measurement is required. These 20 kHz units include automatic amplitude control, broad-band tuning, and enhanced features.

Each model consists of a power supply, a converter, and a probe. The converter changes standard electrical power to high frequency mechanical energy, which is then applied to the probe, where it is further amplifed for use with the sonifer.

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Sonifier® S-250D digital ultrasonic processor includes the same features as the analong units, but also offers these additional operator benefits:
  • 200 Watt (S-250D)
  • Sample rane to 300mL
  • Autotune plus Memory (AT/M) - provides fully-automatic tuning and stores frequency at the end of each cycle
  • Multiple mode operation - continuous, pulsed, timed, and temperature end-point
  • Setup menu in five languages
  • Digital parameter setting with valid paramter range checking
  • Digital timer (9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds)
  • Amplitude is adjustable from 10-100%
  • User I/O offers remote start/stop control and teh ability to view temperature, amplitude, and power values during experiments
  • Automatic end-of-cycle shutoff using limit parameters
  • Self diagnostics on start-up
  • Twenty user-programmed presets for convenience


 Model Part Number Input Power Output Power Dimensions Weight
S-250D 101-063-588 117V, 60Hz 200 Watts 7-3/8"W X 16-3/4" D X 8-3/4"H 20lbs
S-250D 101-063-589 220V,50/60Hz 200 Watts 7-3/8"W X 16-3/4" D X 8-3/4"H 20lbs


Order  Information

Part Number Description
101-063-588 Model 250 Digital Sonifier -200 watts, 117V. Features include LCD wattmeter, 20 programmable pre-sets, variable power control, pulse mode, 10 hour timer, local/remote operation and a printer output. Supplied with a converter and 1/2" horn.
101-063-589 Model 250 Digital Sonifier - 200 watts, 230V. Features are the same as the 117V.

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