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Branson’s portfolio includes the industry's most comprehensive offering of plastics joining, metal welding, precision cleaning and liquid processing technologies, as well as a knowledge base of applications and experience second to none.

Plastic Joining technologies include: Ultrasonic welders, Linear and Orbital Vibration welders, Hot Plate welders, Spin welders, Laser welders and Thermal welders
Metal welding technologies include: Spot Welding and Wire Termination systems, Continuous Seam Welding systems, Wire Splicing systems and Tube Sealers
Industrial and Bransonic Cleaners technologies include: Aqueous and solvent cleaning systems, robotic handling systems, and Bransonic Bench-top cleaners
Our Sonifier cell disrupter / homogenizer line has been consistently used as the benchmark in laboratory experiments and research studies for over 50 years
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