Textile Machinery

Branson Ultrasonics provides textile processing equipment that can join, slit or emboss textiles for applications include: bed-spreads, disposable wipes, face masks, bibs, bedspreads, quilted bed covers, carpeting and more.

Plastic Joining Precision Cleaning

Textile Processing:

Continous Mode:
Bedspreads, quilting, mattress pads, window shades, curtains,
Strapping, film, carpet backing, sails, bag material, batting
Face masks, disposable diapers, invotience devices, bibs, shoe covers
Bedspreads, mattress pads, filter fabrics, medical wipes, sail cloth
Carpet and carpet backing, ribbon, curtains, bias binding
Rotary drums:
Absorbent products, feminine hygiene pads, lining and cover fabrics
Bedspreads, mattress pads, quilted fabrics, disposable wipes
Tenting materials, medical disposables, garment sleeves
Plunge Mode:
Face masks, fusibles activation, filters, bags, darts, eyelets
Strapping, hook and loop material, embossing, filter media (woven/nonwoven)
Vertical blinds, woven industrial belts, ribbon splicing, web splicing


Continuous Mode:
Infants nursery garments, garment sleeves
Protective garments, disposable hospital gowns
Plunge Mode:
Belt cutting and loops, zipper stops, garment labels
Bra straps and buckles, buttonholes and grommets, collar stays