Consumer Products

Our plastic joining and tube sealing machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines and ultrasonic emulsification technologies have broad application in the food and consumer products industries. Branson solutions help speed the manufacture of high-quality cosmetics and personal care products, household tools and cleaning products, textiles, hobbyist supplies, packaged foods and much more.

With so many applications and solutions, it’s important to get the expert advice you need to choose and optimize the best process for your specific product and manufacturing environment. Our complimentary Application Assistance program gives you the collaborative expertise you need for a successful implementation – at no extra charge.

Plastic Joining
Our plastic joining solutions include a patented laser process and innovative ultrasonic technology, as well as vibration, spin and hot plate joining options. We can help you create virtually seamless joints for practically any consumer product or packaging application – even when joining irregularly shaped parts. And because no adhesives are used, you get a clean, reliable joint in seconds – lowering your manufacturing costs while accelerating production.

Metal Welding
Tube sealing machines and other metal welding solutions from Branson create reliable, impermeable joints in nonferrous metals – even dissimilar metals – with no solder or adhesives required. The ultrasonic process mechanically removes oxides and contaminants, eliminating extra processes and saving manufacturing time and money. Ultrasonic tube sealing machines also eliminate the need for applied heat, so you can safely seal tubes filled with heat-sensitive or flammable materials.

Precision Cleaning
Our ultrasonic cleaning machines are ideal for removing all traces of grease, dirt and other contaminants on clock movements, jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, gun parts – virtually any consumer product that needs to be perfectly clean. We offer both solvent and aqueous systems, from benchtop cleaning baths to large-scale industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Liquid Processing
Many food and beverage categories rely on emulsification and homogenization as an essential part of the manufacturing process. Ultrasonic emulsification provides the most thorough and predictable results, thanks to frequencies that can be selected for maximum efficiency. The Branson Sonifier® line of ultrasonic emulsification systems offers low- and high-power options in the frequencies required for virtually any liquid processing application.​

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