Building Products

Branson Ultrasonics provides plastic pipe welding equipment and metal spot welding machines for the building products industry. Our pipe welding equipment fuses HDPE and other plastic materials directly together in seconds – with no need for adhesives. And our Ultraweld spot welding machines offer the versatility to handle a wide variety of nonferrous metal welding applications, including the ability to join dissimilar metals reliably.

Take advantage of our complimentary Application Assistance program – a unique service to help ensure the success of your application. At no additional charge, Branson experts will collaborate with you to choose and configure the optimum solution for your precise requirements.

Plastic Joining
We offer ultrasonic, laser, vibration, spin and hot plate methods for joining plastic parts. There’s a solution for everything from carpenter’s equipment to house siding, pump impellers and housings, irrigation systems, plumbing parts and more. Our pipe welding equipment creates a stronger, more rigid join than adhesive-based methods, in a fraction of the time. Whether you need to join round or irregularly shaped parts, we offer a method that provides the most reliable possible join – because the parts are joined directly together, with no foreign substances.

Metal Welding
Branson spot welding machines are ideal for applications such as sealing refrigerant tubes in HVAC systems, sealing liquid-based solar heating systems, assembling wiring harnesses and electrical circuits in photovoltaic panels, creating plumbing fixtures and more. The ultrasonic welding process eliminates the need for applied heat, so it’s safe to use when sealing tubes are filled with materials that are heat-sensitive or have a low flash point. And the process mechanically removes oxides and contaminants – so materials can be joined in a single step.

Plastic Joining Metal Welding