Electrical & Electronics

Branson delivers industry-leading wire welding technology for faster assembly and greater reliability of batteries, wire harnesses and electrical circuits. We offer several methods for joining plastics, optimized for your specific product and manufacturing process. And our ultrasonic cleaning equipment ensures your parts and circuits are reliable, and your completed products are pristine.

You can also take advantage of our complimentary Application Assistance program. Our joining, welding and cleaning experts will help fine-tune the optimum solution for your products and processes.

Plastic Joining
We offer ultrasonic and laser welding equipment for joining plastics, creating complete, virtually invisible welds even on irregularly shaped plastic parts. By welding electronics and housings using a laser or ultrasonic thermoplastic welder, you avoid the need for solvents or adhesives. And you get a dependable, attractive join in seconds, with no curing time required. We also offer vibration, hot plate and spin welding solutions for joining plastics.

Metal Welding
Ultrasonic welding equipment from Branson enables quick and reliable wire welding for assembly of cables, circuits and wiring harnesses. Micro spot welding is ideal for construction of nickel cadmium, nickel iron and lithium batteries. For spot welding aluminum, bonding wires and joining dissimilar metals, Branson ultrasonic wire welding machines provide an optimum electrical and mechanical bond with no solder required.

Precision Cleaning
Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment excels at thoroughly cleaning parts where the slightest trace of oil or dust can affect product quality and reliability. Even semiconductor wafers and hard drive discs can be effectively and efficiently cleaned using our industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment. And our bench-top systems are perfect for cleaning ink-jet print heads, credit card terminals, sensors and other business and consumer electronic equipment.

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