When shopping for handheld, countertop or major appliances, consumers choose largely on the basis of price and reputation for quality. Branson supports manufacturers excel through ultrasonic seam welding and HDPE pipe welding solutions that help speed production while ensuring mechanically strong, leak-free joints. Our metal welding technology also enables fast, dependable assembly of wiring harnesses and other electrical components.

Branson’s Application Assistance program helps you choose and configure the right ultrasonic seam welding and HDPE pipe welding solutions for your appliance and manufacturing process – so you can lower costs, speed production and deliver the highest quality. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind program at no additional charge.

Plastic Joining
We offer ultrasonic, laser, vibration, spin and hot plate welding technologies for joining plastics of all kinds, including the HDPE used in appliance parts such as housings, shelving, extruded and molded components, and pipes. Adhesives are difficult to apply, time-consuming to cure, and are prone to failure in critical applications like HDPE pipe welding. Branson solutions eliminate all these problems, creating a complete, impervious mechanical bond in seconds – with no foreign material to weaken the joint.

Metal Welding
Branson provides industry-leading solutions for ultrasonic seam welding of refrigerant tubes, as well as metal welding for assembly of wiring harnesses, resistance thermo device (RTD) ovens, battery connections and more. Our ultrasonic welding technology eliminates the need for solder – providing a direct metal-to-metal mechanical bond that’s far more reliable than crimp, solder or adhesive joins.

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