Energy Efficiency

More than fostering sustainability, energy efficiency lowers the cost of doing business. Emerson Industrial Automation is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of our processes and products.

Optimize Power Consumption

As the costs of electrical power generation inexorably rise, industries need innovative ways to conserve. On an industrial climate control system, using a Control Techniques variable-speed drive instead of a fixed-speed fan and damper can save 60 to 70 percent of energy costs. And the Control Techniques generators used in port and factory cranes automatically reduce speed in stand-by mode to reduce total fuel consumption by 20 percent.

Appleton Group offers a new line of SolaHD ENERGY STAR® certified transformers that reduce wasted energy by more than 50 percent—a substantial savings considering that almost all electricity passes through a distribution transformer. And when that electricity is used for industrial lighting, the Mercmaster LED luminaire provides twice the efficiency of an HID bulb.

ASCO Numatics offers flow-control valves that use 80 percent less energy—a substantial savings when extended across all the valves in a manufacturing plant. The company also offers an exclusive Numasizing technique to take the guesswork out of sizing components for a more efficient compressed air system.

Leroy-Somer is at the leading edge of permanent magnet and variable speed technologies that make industrial motors and generators far more efficient. Branson Ultrasonics supplies vibration and infrared welding solutions that use less energy than older technologies.