Boosting productivity

Increasing your productivity by modernising processes and cutting machine downtime, is what Leroy-Somer offers, supporting you in your search for flexible and responsive production tools, and giving priority to their availability and safety. The company is investing heavily in the development of technologies: high-efficiency drive systems, asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous variable speed, as well as in services: complete and adapted services to monitor and check the performance of your machines and processes, in order to prevent any drift over time. This array of innovative solutions and services, unique on the market, meets both the productivity requirements of processing applications and those for optimising automated workflow equipment.

Processing applications
Processing applications are present in all industrial sectors and are a fundamental step in product manufacturing since its correct execution determines the final quality of the goods. Motorising a large number of extremely varied movements requires perfect control of the drive systems. In all these energy-intensive applications, maximising hourly production is essential.

Automated material handling
An inseparable part of any production unit, automated material handling concerns all the logistical resources of a site, from the receiving bay to the dispatch bay. It therefore encompasses applications related to dealing with flows, such as material handling, conveying, wrapping, packaging, palletising, etc. The use of reliable, high-performance solutions actively contributes towards optimising flows, thus improving productivity.

To meet all these needs, Leroy-Somer offers DRIVING PERFORMANCE asynchronous variable speed solutions to optimise your production control or SERVO solutions for highly dynamic applications.

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