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Renewable energies : Watt&Sea hydro generators and the Vendée Globe
January 23, 2014
For a participant in the Vendée Globe, the ultimate extreme race, reducing the weight of one’s yacht by a few hundred kilos all adds to the chances of attaining the end goal: victory!
Mass-produced tunnel-boring machines for water-cooled motors
December 18, 2013
China is planning to construct 2500 km of underground train lines in 23 towns by 2016. Emerson has a foothold on this demanding market, equipping the drive system on the cutting head of tunnel-boring machines for the Huasuitong company.
DYNEO© motors vs NEMA Premium
December 18, 2013
A manufacturer decides to conduct its own study in order to test the motor ranges available on the extrusion market in the United States.