Unidrive M Connect

Unidrive M Connect - Commissioning tool

Based on Control Techniques’ 25 years experience, Unidrive M Connect is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring drive/system performance.

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Its development draws from extensive user research, using human centred design principals to give the ultimate user experience:

  • Fast task based commissioning and easy maintenance of the Unidrive M family is simplified via familiar Windows interface
  • Intuitive graphical tools enhance and simplify user experience
  • For experienced users, dynamic drive logic diagrams and enhanced searchable listings are present
  • Drive and motor performance can be optimized with minimal specialized drive knowledge
  • Tool is scalable to match application requirements
  • Supports the import of Unidrive SP parameter files and allows full drive cloning (i.e. parameter sets and application program)
  • Multiple simultaneous comms channels for a more complete overview of the system
  • Drive discovery gives the ability to find drives on a network automatically without the user having to specify their addresses
  • Automatic RTU baud rate scanning on the Unidrive M drives which have a 485 connection