CTSoft - Drive configuration tool for Control Techniques drives

CTSoft is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring Control Techniques drives. It allows you to:

  • Use configuration wizards to commission your drive
  • Read, save and load drive configuration settings
  • Manage the drive’s Smartcard data
  • Visualize and modify the configuration with live animated diagrams
Features Specifications Downloads

The main features available are: 

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Parameter listings for each drive menu
  • Menu block diagrams
  • Terminal configuration
  • Set up wizards
  • Parameter compare (against default and against file)
  • Various monitoring screens
  • Custom lists for storing frequently used parameters
  • Parameter files (saving and loading complete parameter sets)
  • Control panel view for Commander SK drive with similar functionality to remote keypad
  • Indexer and quick setup tools for Digitax ST
*If you have a previous copy of CTSoft installed you must uninstall it first (you will not lose any existing projects)