CTSize - Drive sizing software for servo drives

CTSize is an easy-to-use servo sizing software package from Control Techniques. It makes product selection and sizing an easy step-through process - selecting the optimum system is simply done by going through the five tabs: Load, Motion, Reduction, Selection and Results. 

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  • Tab Structured Layout— Easily step through your application from Load and Motion details to Product Selection by clicking on the links to one of the five tabs: Load, Motion, Reduction, Selection and Results.
    Start with the information you know and let the sizing software do the rest.
  • Pre-Configured Applications — Leadscrew, Rack and Pinion, Conveyor, Cylinder, Feedroll and User Defined applications ease sizing by requiring only the necessary inputs parameters base on the selected load type.
  • Pre-Defined and Multi-Segment Profiles — Entering in a motion profile is easily done by selecting one of the four basic profile types or by creating complex profiles with the multi-segment function.
  • Multiple Gearbox Reductions — Select up to three stages of speed reduction from five types – Belt/Pulley, Gear/Gear, Chain/Sprocket, User Gearbox and Catalog Gearbox.
  • Organized Results — The Results are organized in simple and clean fashion with the optimum selection parameters and speed/torque displayed at the top and alternative solutions listed at the bottom. The list of alternative solutions can be sorted by a variety of filters to quickly find the drive and motor models.
  • Inertia Calculator — Calculate inertia’s of complex shapes by selecting from one of six pre-defined shapes and adding or subtracting their individual inertias.
  • User Configurable Units — The user can select Metric or English units or setup Custom units.
  • Extensive Help File — Explains each page of software in a detailed and easily understandable format.
  • Embedded Links to Websites — Easily find contact information for additional support or drawings of drives and motors.
  • Detailed Printout — Easily document your results with the detailed printout that sums up all the application requirements and drive/motor combination information.