Unidrive SP in servo mode

Unidrive SP - High performance servo drive for continuous duty applications

0.72 Nm - 136Nm

200V \ 400V \ 575V \ 690 V

Unidrive SP can control a wide range of industrial motors. In Servo mode the drive operates as a high performance servo amplifier, matched to the Unimotor fm range and optimized for continuous duty applications due to its high continuous output rating. Typical continuous duty applications are printing, winding and labeling.

Unidrive SP is a high performance, flexible servo drive range, matched to Unimotor fm motors for continuous duty applications
The option modules are housed in a protective case that allows them to be quickly and easily clicked on to the drive without the need for tools.
Unidrive SP software allows you to optimize the drive tuning, back-up the configuration, configure the on-board automation and motion controller

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