Control Techniques’ EtherCAT slave/follower option module, for high performance servo applications. Features include:

  • Up to 64535 nodes on a segment
  • Data rate of 100Mbps (100BASE-TX)
  • Update 40 axes in 200μs (assuming 2 words command data and 3 words feedback data per axis, a control word and basic cyclic synchronization data)
  • Jitter of less than 1μs (less than 500ns with Unidrive SP 3, 6 and 12KHz switching
  • Non-cyclic data using the CoE mailbox
  • CANopen DS-402 profile supported (drives and motion control)
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The compatibility table below highlights which Control Techniques drives support this option module.

Unidrive SP

 commander sk


 digitax st

 mentor mp