Drive Option Modules and Keypads

Drive option modules

Control Techniques core AC, DC and Servo Drive product ranges utilize SM Option Modules to customize the control and interfacing functionality of the drives so that they exactly match the needs of the application.

Safely and securely clicked on

The option modules are housed in a protective case that allows them to be quickly and easily clicked on to the drive without the need for tools. Once on, they are held firmly in place by latches that require a positive action to release.

High speed updates

Option modules have high speed access to the complete drive parameter set enabling time critical functions such as high speed updates for speed or position. The system can also facilitate active monitoring of the drive systems health through trending key variables such as heatsink temperature or current overload.

Option modules for a wide range of commonly used Fieldbus and Ethernet based networks
Control Techniques Feedback Option Modules enable connection to a wide range of incremental and absolute encoders for position and speed measurement
Input and Output option modules for connection to various digital and analog I/O points
High performance programmable automation and motion control modules for drive systems
Option modules for integrating programmable safety functionality within Control Techniques drives
Keypads and parameter storage devices