Winder Solution

Many industrial processes involve handling material in web form, invariably this requires the material to be unwound and rewound.
Features Specifications

Variable Speed drives are ideally suited to provide accurate and effective control of material tension and have become the standard solution for winder applications, providing :

  • The ability to either motor or regenerate, enabling use in both coiling and uncoiling applications
  • Reduced running cost compared with mechanical equivalents
  • Improved reliability
  • A wide range of control & flexibility

The final tension control solution will depend upon the material to be processed, the speed and diameter range over which it is to be run. Simple low performance systems can be based upon straight forward open loop torque prediction, whilst more sensitive applications may require the tension loop to be closed by feedback from a load cell. Some materials are better handled by running the drive in speed control with a dancer roll measuring the tension and modulating the winder speed.

This software provides a packaged Winder drive which caters for all these options and is easy to set up and integrate into your machine.

All the system control is achieved by one SM-Applications Plus fitted within the drive. Interfacing can be analogue or digital, making the package equally suited to refurbishment projects or new systems employing HMI and fieldbus technology